A fast point in the black sky. It wasn’t of the same kind of the others blinking all around: it was really tiny. If you’d come closer it would not transmute in a roaring, luminous sphere of plasma. Anyway a sort of thermonuclear fusion was beating even in the core of the point we’re looking at, the core engine of a small starship.

The story of Datany and her affectionate starship. They were in the deep space in a perpetual scientific research, untill they came near a battlefield… While somewhere in the same universe, an old doctor whith its friend parrot could answer a lot of her known and unknown questons about Life.

Datany = 1 = STORAGE FULL

Datany = 2 = ‘Organism’ is enough

Datany = 3 = WAR!WAR!WAR!

Datany = 4 = Consistent soldiers


Datany = 6 = I’ll go out

Datany = 7 = Chewing the glue

Datany = 8 = Pretty sure of being dead

DATANY = 9 = The rescue

Story and sketchs by Rossa