You bloody keyboard, don’t get offended if I insult you a little bit, you know how much I love the sound of your keys. I hope you don’t want to play shy at this point, because I intend to reveal all the indecent details of our relationship to whoever will pass by, you’ve got it right. Don’t take it as a vendetta, it’s mostly a vent. Don’t block the lttrs now, bhav!

Well, control regained, nothing happened. Let’s continue.

A writing diary because writing is a daily thing, even when I don’t write I think about writing. I think about writing so much that sometimes I don’t write. Writing is tiring, boring and difficult, the last thing I would like to do, really. No, there are no but however explanations of any kind. Maybe at some point I will understand why I keep banging my head over this bloody keyboard and I will stop. What a liberation. Since then I thought I could tell a few things, just like that, like alcoholics anonymous: hello, I’m Isa, I write. Maybe in the process I will even heal.

CRAZY-ISH / COLUMN [identity issues of a fiction writer]

Serial (Identity) Issues on INKROCI [ENG]