DATANY = 9 = The rescue


You could have believed the starship sweating under the effort of protruding the arm, which finally bubbled towards the soldier. After having hold him in a gluing embrace, the arm brought him inside the ship, under Datany’s exited supervision.

She was no more bearing the starship a grudge. In fact, instead of feeling still betrayed by an old-school AI, Datany gave her a glance of complicity for having rescued that android.

In the cargo room, the android was lying like an old machine out of work.
The light yellow glue was folding him like honey, slowly flowing down on the floor where round big pores were absorbing it.
His body had an armor made of metal plates covered of white enamel. Several exposures to electromagnetic radiations, from stars and bomb explosions, had partially turned grey the plates in pattern which resembled sky maps of large nebulosas. But the plates were also broken in many points, where piercing shoots had left round holes with black burned edges, spreading cracks. The left shoulder piece of armour and the knee ones were completely lost, while only the long black burned bolts, once keeping the plates anchored to the inner body, were still in place.


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