Datany = 4 = Consistent soldiers


“Aaaargh! ohiiiiahi… everywhere hurts! So, I aahhhi…rrrgh..! have come to the end”. The body of the soldier was pushed more aside by a distant blast. The eye half shut saw the field of the battle, the field of the defeat, coming larger and larger while fragments of soldiers were turned into dust. How hard is dying for androids! Hurt never stop until the pieces are together.

Some notions of industrial history come in one’s mind. First androids weren’t equipped with sense of pain. They were good secretaries, but inconsistent soldiers: you know, no quick wit, no inventive. A war that doesn’t teach you pain, doesn’t teach you how to win. At the end of the story, android industries found that spending more resources on body senses produced amazingly higher results with the same artificial intelligences.

A few miles away, the girl on the starship was looking outside.


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