Datany = 3 = WAR!WAR!WAR!


WAR!WAR!WAR! Fear! What is fear? It’s a red light pulsing on the roof and pressing on the walls.

<< What’s the hell going on? >> Datany asked to her-just-awakened-self.

<< 93 045 789.098 CORPSES >>

<< 93 045 788.200 >>

<< 93 045 787.112 >>

<< 93 045 786.003 >> answered the ship’s voice.

<< Wait! Wait! WAIT! You’re scaring me! It’s a countdown of corpses…>>

She went towards the front porthole, step by step. Sometimes a violent flash punched the ship’s side, provoking short quakes, but no worries…just scattered splinters of the faraway battle. The countdown – silenced – was working in background.

She pressed her hands on the transparent wall, which had a tremble. Her mind trembled, too: “…ending battle”.

When you lose a battle, you lose a lot of good engines… It was the explosion chain of starship engines that was destroying the body of soldiers, producing the odd countdown.

<< Are all dead? >>

<< Y >> that meant “yes”

<< I mean -I know your strict definitions of life…- is anybody alive out there? >>


<< Let’s try with program Data02 >>

There was a bzzz somewhere inside the roof. Maybe it recalls the noise of a busy microprocessor to someone, anyway Datany interpreted it as mock of protest of her ship.


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