Datany = 1 = STORAGE FULL

A fast point in the black sky. It wasn’t of the same kind of the others blinking all around: it was really tiny. If you’d come closer it would not transmute in a roaring, luminous sphere of plasma. Anyway a sort of thermonuclear fusion was beating even in the core of the point we’re looking at, the core engine of a small starship.


A round crystalline porthole was the front eye of the starship. It was reflecting the distortion of a galaxy giving birth to bright new knots of stars. A girl was looking at the sky from inside, sat on the pilot’s seat. Tapping on the metal cover of the armrest she wrote: “Unknown 2446 cluster of galaxies. 134th Day”.

<< SAVE FILE? >> asked a voice from the roof over the porthole.

<< Yes >> answered the pilot.

“Look at all that yellowish…things on the right of the distorted galaxy!” she thought. She ordered:

<< Focus. Follow my eyes! >>

The porthole bent, to correct its curvature.


<< How much…? >>

<< 99,999997% STORAGE FULL >>

“I suppose they’re the galactic members of the cluster…”

<< Count them. Measure their dimensions. Save the emission spectra. It won’t be a photograph…we’ll have a simulation later. Resume program Data04. Resume navigation. I’m going to sleep. >>



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